Learn to Play D&D 5-9 PM Intro for new players

This will be a broad overview of the game and a chance to develop your characters. Get to know other interested players and we will begin putting together groups for play time!!

Please RSVP below if you will be attending.

Climate Change and Weather Science Class (4 weeks) Grades 3-5

4 week class on climate change and Weather Science. Feature Hands-on instruction in small class settings. Topics include weather, climate, global warming and the greenhouse effect. Activiites include making a weather generator and weather station to take home as well as game play surrounding the key topics. Key concepts include: The Greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, weather and climate. We will talk about alternative energy sources like windmills. Each class will involve a specific project that they will get to take home with them.

Weekly option are also available at $25 per individual class.

Dungeon and Dragon Starting Up this Month at the Game Chest

Hi All,

At long last we are beginning to form a D&D group. Our first few nights will be spent on beginning strategies, Character building and basic how-to’s.

Please send an email to thegamechest@outlook.com if you are interested in being put on a list to connect with in regards to playing D&D.

Our initial thoughts are to have it on Thursday night 7-9 PM.

So we went instead with Monday and Wednesday. Both campaigns are already filled. Please send us an email to be put on the waiting list or help us pick a new date. We are currently looking for DM’s that could assist.

SPRING Break 1/2 day STEM classes 9-1 or 1-5

Have your kids do fun STEM projects during Spring Break. Two different times available. 9-1 or 1-5.

Kids will learn and participate in many STEM activities. Build a snow man, Slime Chemistry activities, Explore STEM fields, build a robot and a windmill. All while learning about Science and Technology.

Coding activities will include hands on coding computer work and circuit building.


Minecraft games and game play will also be featured. Snacks provided.


DATE NIGHT: Drop the kids off to learn about new games 6-9 PM

Every other Saturday we offer drop off options.

Children will learn new board games and have fun with others as we try different genres of games together as a group.

Pizza, snacks and drinks served.


6pm to 9pm. Please pay online or use the check method to guarentee your spot and allow us to have the right amount of staff coverage.



Before We Drove Cars, We Rode Animals – Design an Imaginary Animal

A look into the history of animal transportation. In this lesson we will examine the history of animal-based transportation and discover why many cultures rely on machines, examining modern methods of transportation and examine the Pros and Cons. Then students will design their own imaginary animal with characteristics that will meet the transportation needs for their own lives. Suggested ages for this class K-4 grade.

Mercury and The Messenger Mission

Kids will learn about Missions to Mercury and what information was found. They will delve into a computer simulation to learn how to get ready for a Mission to Mars. The main points to be learned are where Mercury is, its importance to scientific research and the data that is being collected from missions that have been sent. After they have completed their missions we will get to play with Galactic Goo, which they get to take home with them. Grades 5-8.

Stop Bullying! An Interactive Group Experience

There are many roles that kids can play. Kids can bully others, they can be bullied, or they may witness bullying. When kids are involved in bullying, they often play more than one role. Sometimes kids may both be bullied and bully others or they may witness other kids being bullied. It is important to understand the multiple roles kids play in order to effectively prevent and respond to bullying. Great way to interact as a group and figure out how they each can help. Grades K-8.

Exploring Jobs in STEM with Hands-On Learning (focus on Animals, Environment and Sports)

This class will focus on the many different jobs that are available within STEM. We will focus on Animals, Environment and Sports. The class will then get to pick out individual experiments to try out, from making a windmill to working on projects to learn about water power and even bridge building. Great beginner class to gauge their interest in the sciences. Grades 3-6

Beginning Coding for Ages 4-6 (9 weeks) – Begins Tuesday, March 28, 5pm-6pm

Kids are never too young to learn how to code. This 9-week series is the first steps for ages 4-6 in providing a solid base for the rest of your child’s computer science education. At the root of all computer science is something called an algorithm. The word “algorithm” may sound like something complicated, but really it’s just a list of instructions that someone can follow to achieve a result. This class gives young children an understanding of basic coding principals.