Pokemon Summer Session

Spend four hours playing Pokemon with other Pokemon players. Learn to battle, build amazing decks and play in a tournament. Ages 7+

Shocking Science- Electricity Experiments Summer Session

We will learn about electricity by doing great experiments. We will generate bolts, use anti-static sheets, make cereal dance, bend a water stream, create static hair, construct an electric circuit, build a light switch and more! With over 40 different exciting experiments, children will be able to have fun and learn some fascinating science each session!

MV Chess Summer Session

Whether your child is new to chess or has played before, they will have so much fun at Chess Day. Learn to Play will be offered as well as advanced tips and tricks for the child who has a firm understanding of the game. Lots of chess playing as well as other strategy games will be offered like Stratego, Checkers and more. Great for ages 5-12.

Animal Science Summer Session

We will explore the world of Animal Science by working on a bug house, animal life cycle, what is in an egg, make a bird feeder and so much more!! Age 6+

Pokemon LTP Summer Session

Learn to Play Pokemon or hone your skills at this exciting summer offering!

New Players will get decks pre built and returning students will get packs and cards to make their decks even better.

Date Night — Children Board Game Night

Every  Saturday we offer drop off options.

Children will learn new board games and have fun with others as we try different genres of games together as a group. We also will do arts and crafts and science experiments on select nights.

Pizza, snacks and drinks served.


6pm to 9pm. Please pay online or use the check method to guarantee your spot and allow us to have the right amount of staff coverage. Limited space available for drop ins.

Chemistry Lab Summer Series

We will explore the field of chemistry by making sticky ice, measuring PH, form a bouncy ball, and so much more.! 50 experiments rotate over the summer so whichever session you chose will have new and exciting projects. Age 6 +


Beginner Coding Class- Arduino Summer Session

Learn to code! We will be playing coding games, solving challenging puzzles, and learning the basics of the Arduino programming language! We’ll be able to control LED lights and sounds and use motion, temperature, light, and sound sensors in out colorful sensor bots!


No prior coding experience necessary. Ages 10+

Arts and Crafts

We will be exploring many different types of Arts and Crafts this summer.  Wood, Pottery, Painting, Fluffables, Ceramics and so much more. Age 5+

Slime and Polymer Labs Summer Session

Young scientists will make slime, create goop, produce a snow eruption, dehydrate polymers and much more! 20 different experiments will be rotated throughout the summer, so each session will have new and exciting projects.