Electricity Experiments Summer

We will learn about electricity by doing great experiments. We wil generate bolts, use anti-static sheets, male cereal dance, bend a water stream, create static hair, construct an electric circuit, build a light switch and another 40 different experiments.

Space Labs Summer

Young Scientists will have fun while learning with great experiments like making a constellation box, learning about the life cycle of a star, making a solar system mobile, creating a planet poster, making a night vision flashlight and so much more. 30+ experiments will be rotated through the summer so each session will have many opportunities to learn about new topics and allow for amazing experiments.

Human Body Biology Lab

We are going to explore all aspects of the Biology in this fun class. We will discover the 5 basic tastes, see how sound vibrates, listen to our heart, find our dominant eye. Explore the microscope world of Blood and Guts. We will learn about fingerprints and DNA. Each class will be tailored with different activities.

Robotic Summer Class

Robotics – We will be building many different types of robots over the summer. Simple or complex dependent on age and expertise . 6+

We will focus on Solar Robots in July. Kids will be building their own robots that they will take home with them and do other fun engineering and electrical learnings throughout the session.

Dragon Ball Super LTP Summer Session

Dragon Ball Super TCG- Learn to Play
Trading Card Games help kids work on their math and strategy skills!

Beginner Level: Participants will spend the day learning basic rules, deck building, and tournament etiquette while winning Dragon Ball prizes and learning strategy from an expert in a casual and friendly environment.

Intermediate/Advanced Level: Higher level strategies. We will explain the different formats of decks and run a draft.

Cost of the Camp includes a set of gaming materials that the participants get to keep. We will also provide a snack and water bottle each. Participants will take home their own Demo Deck, a set of dice, and a dice bag.

Slime and Polymer lab

Young scientists will make slime, create goop, produce a snow eruption, dehydrate polymers and much more. 20 different experiments will be rotated throughout the summer, so each session will have new and exciting projects.

Food / Kitchen Science Lab

We will explore the world of Kitchen Science by making fun experiments like making slime, crystal art, sticky ice, exploding volcano, fungus in a tube and 40 more. We will also explore some tasty experiments such as ice cream in a bag, homemade butter, exploding marshmallow, dancing pasta and more. Age 6+

Arts and Crafts Summer

We will be exploring many different types of Arts and Crafts this summer.  Wood, Pottery, Painting, Fluffables, Ceramics and so much more. Age 5+

Learn to Play D&D Intro for new players

This will be a broad overview of the game and a chance to develop your characters. Get to know other interested players and we will begin putting together groups for play time!!

Please RSVP below if you will be attending.

Arts and Crafts

We will be exploring many different types of Arts and Crafts this summer.  Wood, Pottery, Painting, Fluffables, Ceramics and so much more. Age 5+